Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somerset Division 3 East: Frome vs Trowbridge

Somerset Division 3 (East) got rolling tonight (19th October 2010) as Frome welcomed an experienced Trowbridge squad propped up by relative newcomer Louis Burton on board 4, who was paired against youngster Rhys White.

White, Mikeung

Ludlow, Roy
Jones, Nick94

Davis, Adrian
Nicholls, John92

Crucefix, Nigel
White, Rhys


Burton, A Louis

Board 4 had all the action, starting with a well-played Closed Sicilian opening. Louis set up a Dragon formation, but White responded by (also) fianchettoing kingside. After this solid opening set-up the game quickly became tactical with White winning the exchange and a pawn with a knight fork. However Louis fought back and his opponent committed a mistake in return dropping a bishop. In the resultant endgame Black was very comfortable and won with nearly an hour to spare.

Roy Ludlow won a pawn in the middlegame. After some exchanges more of Black's pawns disappeared to leave White with an overwhelming advantage in a King and pawn ending.

Frome 1 - 3 Trowbridge

1Ludlow, Roy1-0White, Mike
2Jones, Nick½-½Davis, Adrian
3Crucefix, Nigel½-½Nicholls, John
4White, Rhys0-1Burton, A Louis

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