Friday, September 16, 2011

Spot the tactic #1

A new theme of posts inspired by The Streatham & Brixton Chess Blog's Miss Easy Tactics! series.

In this position as White (to move) I somehow failed to spot a fairly obvious continuation. Can you do better?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chippenham (Westinghouse) have a new website

OK guys just keeping you informed that Chippenham (a.k.a. Westinghouse) have a new website.

Take a look guys it is cool.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keynsham Rapidplay

A Mr Lawrence Wilmshurst has contacted Trowbridge Chess Club to inform us of the annual one-day Rapidplay event at Keynsham on Sunday 25th September 2011. This event is already listed in the ECF calendar but we are more than happy to remind our readers of local chess events.

This tournament comprises six 50 minute games. The venue is roughly half way between Bristol and Bath and is apparently "easily accessible from both the M4 and M5". From Trowbridge it is less than an hour's drive via the A36 or A4. Round 1 starts at 11:00 and round 6 finishes at 17:20.

The competition is open to all and the application form (in either PDF or Word format) is available on the Bristol and District web site. There are three sections: Open, under 150, and under 110 ECF. The entry fee is £12 (£10 for juniors). If you require further information please contact Lawrence on 01275 834659.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kamsky - Svidler, World Cup 2011

Kamsky,Gata (2741) - Svidler,Peter (2739) FIDE World Cup 2011

This game was contested today. What did Black play here?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Somerset League Fixtures 2011-12

Here are the new season's fixtures (subject to change). Please refer to the Somerset County Chess Association for any official updates.

Somerset Knock-Out
In the annual 8 board Somerset Knock-Out Cup holders Taunton receive a bye directly into the semi-final. Trowbridge find themselves away to Frome in what could be a very close match.

Mon14 NovemberGlastonburyNorton Radstock
Tue15 NovemberFrome
Thu17 NovemberSedgemoorYeovil
Semi13-17 February 2011

Final12-16 March 2011

Somerset Division 2 East
Trowbridge are hopeful of winning back the Charles Marsh (East) trophy from Frome.
For this 6 board league there has been a change to the grading limit: the average grade per player in the team may not exceed 145. This could give team captains a selection headache: last year's 165 ECF cap on boards 2-6 was a lot easier to plan for. However there shouldn't be any significant change to the shape of teams as a result of this rule adjustment. All 4 teams are used to fielding a low graded board 6.

Wed12 October BathTrowbridge
Thu10 NovemberTrowbridgeNorton Radstock
Tue13 DecemberFromeTrowbridge
Thu12 January 2012TrowbridgeBath
Thu23 February 2012Norton RadstockTrowbridge
Thu22 March 2012TrowbridgeFrome

Somerset Division 3 East
In Division 3 no player graded over 145 is eligible and the sum total for the team must not exceed 500. Players graded under 95 are deemed to be 95 ECF. Ungraded players are considered to be graded 110.

Tue18 OctoberFromevsTrowbridge
Thu17 NovemberTrowbridgevsBath
Thu8 DecemberNorton RadstockvsTrowbridge
Thu19 January 2012TrowbridgevsFrome
Wed15 February 2012BathvsTrowbridge
Thu15 March 2012TrowbridgevsNorton Radstock

Friday, September 2, 2011

Trowbridge Club Championship 2011-09-01

Club champion Louis gets off to a great start with this sparkling win against Roy in a main-line Winawer French. 13.Re1 was a brave gambit that paid off after 14...Rh7? This move defends against everything except the breakthrough sacrifice 14.e6!! preventing Black from consolidating with ...Be6. The finish is clinical. Louis is on a 172 ECF performance for this season.