Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somerset Division 3 East: Frome vs Trowbridge

Somerset Division 3 (East) got rolling tonight (19th October 2010) as Frome welcomed an experienced Trowbridge squad propped up by relative newcomer Louis Burton on board 4, who was paired against youngster Rhys White.

White, Mikeung

Ludlow, Roy
Jones, Nick94

Davis, Adrian
Nicholls, John92

Crucefix, Nigel
White, Rhys


Burton, A Louis

Board 4 had all the action, starting with a well-played Closed Sicilian opening. Louis set up a Dragon formation, but White responded by (also) fianchettoing kingside. After this solid opening set-up the game quickly became tactical with White winning the exchange and a pawn with a knight fork. However Louis fought back and his opponent committed a mistake in return dropping a bishop. In the resultant endgame Black was very comfortable and won with nearly an hour to spare.

Roy Ludlow won a pawn in the middlegame. After some exchanges more of Black's pawns disappeared to leave White with an overwhelming advantage in a King and pawn ending.

Frome 1 - 3 Trowbridge

1Ludlow, Roy1-0White, Mike
2Jones, Nick½-½Davis, Adrian
3Crucefix, Nigel½-½Nicholls, John
4White, Rhys0-1Burton, A Louis

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somerset Division 2 East: Frome vs Norton/Radstock

The opening Division 2 match was contested last night (12th October 2010) as Frome played host to an under-strength Norton Radstock team. On paper Frome were clear favourites to win on the top 4 boards.

FromeGradeGradeNorton Radstock
Purry, Chris169147Humphreys, Paul
Jepps, Gerry162123Cooper, Graham
Leonard, Mark152119Cook, Stephen G
Paine, Kevin139106Horne, Peter
Fisher, John11895Parish, Graham
White, Mikeung82Cooper, Catherine

On the night, however, it was a different story. Although Gerry Jepps won quickly, both Paul Humphreys and Peter Horne punched above their weight to turn the tables. Stephen Cook put up stiff resistance but eventually succumbed to lose a king and pawn ending. So the fixture was decided on boards 5 and 6:

Frome 3½ - 2½ Norton/Radstock

1Humphreys, Paul1-0Purry, Chris
2Jepps, Gerry1-0Cooper, Graham
3Cook, Stephen G0-1Leonard, Mark
4Paine, Kevin0-1Horne, Peter
5Parish, Graham½-½Fisher, John
6White, Mike1-0Cooper, Catherine

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wiltshire League Fixtures 2010-11

Wiltshire 4-a-side

Thu21 OctoberTrowbridge3-1Swindon
Thu25 NovemberNationwideTrowbridge
Thu9 DecemberTrowbridgeBrown Jack
Thu20 January 2011SwindonTrowbridge
Thu10 February 2011TrowbridgeNationwide
Mon28 March 2011Brown JackTrowbridge

Wiltshire Minor
In this league no player graded over 148 is eligible. Swindon have entered two teams.

Tue12 OctoberWestinghouse2.5 - 1.5Trowbridge
Mon25 OctoberBrown Jack 1.5 - 2.5Trowbridge
Thu4 NovemberTrowbridgeSwindon A
Thu2 DecemberTrowbridgeSwindon B
Thu27 January 2011TrowbridgeBrown Jack
Thu3 February 2011Swindon ATrowbridge
Thu24 February 2011TrowbridgeWestinghouse
Thu24 March 2011Swindon BTrowbridge

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mark Leonard vs Roy Ludlow (2010.09.30)

Spot the tactic #0. White to play and win.

Move 28 will be played and you have 5 minutes left to reach the first time control (move 35). I had missed a number of ways to win up until this point, but I am very pleased to have found a nice continuation here.