Tuesday, July 24, 2012

British Championships Day 2

Today the West Country's adoptee Matthew Turner drew with Black against FM David Eggleston to give himself an "easier" 3rd round pairing. While GMs Arkell and Jones face off on board 1, Turner has White against James Adair, a slightly less formidable opponent according to his 2262 FIDE grade. I'm sure Adair would disagree, having drawn with 259 (2620 FIDE) rated David Howell in round 1 and having beaten an IM in round 2.

An even more surprising result (at least on paper) was the draw (with White) by GM Daniel Gormally against 17 year old untitled James Holland. However Holland, graded 213, is clearly a very strong player and one to watch for the future.

Somerset's IM Jack Rudd again failed to secure a point (or even a half) in a complex game and now faces Sussex junior Amy Hoare (with whom yours truly once agreed a draw in the final round of the Frome Congres).

Charlie Storey bounced back from his loss against Turner with what appeared to be a reverse Sniper turning into a reverse Benko. Trowbridge's own Snipers take note.

The most exciting game of the round was arguably Stephen Gordon's win against Simon Roe, which featured a rook sac to bring out Black's king. Please read the Yorkshire Chess Association's excellent comments on round 2.

However, Andrew Martin has decided to go with Gawain Jones' win against Terry Chapman for his Game of the Day.


  1. Gawain Jones' wife Sue Maroroa has posted a blog entry here: http://gawainjones.co.uk/tournaments/british-chess-championship-round-1-and-2/

  2. http://gorkachc.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/i-have-to-play.html