Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011-12 grades

Congratulations to Tim, Dave Marshall, Roy, Adrian, and Louis who each achieved a grade increase of 6 points or greater. Tim becomes the highest graded of the currently active Trowbridge players; albeit by a very small margin.

Player ECF (new) 2010 ECF League Results (2010-11)
Woodward, Tim 155 148 +13 =3 -4
Leonard, Mark 153 152 +21 =14 -12
Rothwell, Derek 152 154 +8 =3 -6
Weston, David 149 150 +9 =5 -7
Marshall, Dave 141 131 +11 =9 -3
Ludlow, Roy 131 125 +17 =10 -8
Williams, R Gareth 131 134 +9 =5 -9
Davis, Adrian 122 116 +4 =3 -3
Burton, Louis 82 69 +10 =9 -20
Ransom, Tony 73 79 +0 =3 -13
Crucefix, Nigel 71 84 +2 =3 -17

Wiltshire 4-a-side

These grading changes do not greatly affect Trowbridge's strongest Wiltshire team as Tim (who leapfrogs from 4th to 1st) is not a regular player. It is likely that Derek and Mark will continue to alternate playing boards 1 and 2. Dave Marshall is a welcome addition as the club's 5th strongest player and will hopefully feature on board 4 next season.

Now for the opposition teams: Swindon's Mark Jones is still their board 1 despite dropping some grading points. Infrequent squad player Anthony Lake pips Richard Carver for the number 2 spot and Steve Reynolds overtakes Gordon Chapman and could easily feature on board 4 or higher (perhaps as an alternative to Mike Walters). P.S. I smell another Carver vs Marshall match!

For Brown Jack, Adam Burroughs overtakes Jon Coats but their standard team is otherwise unchanged. Nationwide's team is also unaltered.

Wiltshire Minor

Dave Marshall should continue to feature in the Minor team. This year he will take board 1 ahead of Gareth. Trowbridge's strongest team would appear to (additionally) comprise Roy, Gareth and Louis. A formidable arrangement!

Brown Jack have Jon Coats available and Wayne should play ahead of Luke Burroughs. Otherwise their squad is not affected. The Westinghouse team is also unchanged, as is Swindon's except Anthony Lake could feasibly play ahead of Richard Carver.

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