Monday, February 14, 2011

Wiltshire 4-a-side : February update

Trowbridge fielded a somewhat weakened team last week against Nationwide and suffered their first loss of the season. Unfortunately for Trowbridge both their boards 1 and 2 were unavailable on the night. This left the team out-graded by 117 points (in total).  Dave Marshall held in-form Adrian Champion to a draw, but the other players couldn't match their opponents.

First place is now in the hands of Nationwide, should they win their remaining fixtures. The full table and results can be found here.

Trowbridge 3 1 1 79
Nationwide 1 1 0 311
Swindon 1 0 2 28
Brown Jack 0 0 2 08

Trowbridge results

Thu21 October 2010Trowbridge3-1Swindon
Thu2 December 2010Nationwide2-2Trowbridge
Thu9 December 2010Trowbridge-1½Brown Jack
Thu6 January 2011Swindon1-3Trowbridge
Thu10 February 2011Trowbridge½-3½Nationwide
Mon28 March 2011Brown JackTrowbridge

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