Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wiltshire 4-a-side update

Trowbridge have now played 4 matches: 2 at home (wins) and 2 away (a win and a draw). Mathematically speaking this is only sufficient to guarantee third place in the league. However a draw against Nationwide (next month) would put them in a strong position. A win would guarantee equal first place (although Trowbridge could still lose out on a tie-break.)

The only other fixture contested so far resulted in a win for Swindon away to Brown Jack. It seems that some clubs have been struggling to field a full team. Let us hope that there is resurgence in Wiltshire chess during 2011.

Trowbridge 3 1 0 711
Swindon 1 0 2 28
Nationwide 0 1 0 111
Brown Jack 0 0 2 08

Trowbridge results

Thu21 October 2010Trowbridge3-1Swindon
Thu25 November 2010Nationwide2-2Trowbridge
Thu9 December 2010Trowbridge-1½Brown Jack
Thu6 January 2011Swindon1-3Trowbridge
Thu10 February 2011TrowbridgeNationwide
Mon28 March 2011Brown JackTrowbridge

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