Friday, October 5, 2012

July 2012 ECF Grades

It's time for a look at the latest grading list, before this season's league chess gets under-way (for Trowbridge at any rate).

Player Jul 2012 Jan 2012 League Results (2011-12)
Leonard, Mark 164 151 +8 =2 -3
Marshall, Dave 158 143 +11 =1 -2
Hibbitt, Arthur 156 156
Weston, David 154 155 +4 =2 -3

Williams, R Gareth 142 129 +3 =4 -2
Rothwell, Derek 139 147 +5 =1 -5
Woodward, Tim 139 137 +3 =1 -4
Ludlow, Roy 115 111 +4 =5 -4
Burton, Louis87 91 +3 =4 -7
Ransom, Tony 6475+0 =2 -5
Crucefix, Nigel 68 67 +1 =3 -5
White, Richard56n/a+1 =0 -8

The top four players are graded over 145 and are therefore not eligible to play in the lower divisions.

Second spot is taken by Dave Marshall, who has made very good progress in the last couple of years, and is now deservedly promoted to the first team following a superb season (with only the odd aberrant result).

I'm pleased to report that Arthur Hibbitt is now a fully fledged member of the club, with all that this honour entails. I'm looking forward to playing alongside him in my first league game of the season.

David Weston's grade continues to improve steadily despite a difficult season last year, where he was oddly promoted from board 4 to board 1 in the Wiltshire 4-a-side league. With any luck David will find himself on one of the middle boards for a change.

Gareth's grade is also on the up. Presumably those Roman videos are proving to be beneficial. If he continues to improve we could see a new personal best (rating).

Man of leisure Tim looks to be somewhat under-graded currently. He was 155 back in July 2011 which is probably nearer the mark. Tim has been a lot more active recently and is looking sharp. I feel sorry for any opponents on the lower boards.

Derek's grade took another dent this year but he seems to be finding his feet again after a sticky patch.

Roy was graded 131 in 2011 but had disappointing results in 2011-12. Some serious summer study sets him up for the season. I expect success.


  1. Not bad for a small club, we also have Arthur and another newcomer

  2. Quite right. I've added Arthur as he's now a proper regular.