Sunday, September 30, 2012

TCC KO Round 1

1st Qualification Round

The first round of the inaugural Trowbridge Chess Club Knockout Tournament was attended by nine players on Thursday the 27th September. Each player selected a pairing number at random, as listed below. Two club members (Dave M and Tim) could not play on the night but had entered the competition beforehand. Richard did not attend.

Tony elected to take a bye to the second qualification round. The remaining entrants were paired at random, using the traditional "shuffle a pack of Gareth's business cards" method.

# Player
1David WestonEnters 2nd qualification round
2Richard WhiteWithdrawn
3Nigel CrucefixGame postponed
4Arthur HibbittGame postponed
5Derek RothwellTo be replayed
6Mark LeonardQualified
7Roy LudlowTo be replayed
8Anthony RansomEnters 2nd qualification round
9Louis BurtonEnters 2nd qualification round
10Gareth WilliamsQualified
11Tim WoodwardUnavailable
12Dave MarshallUnavailable



1David Weston0-1Gareth Williams10
6Mark Leonard1-0Louis Burton9
7Roy Ludlow½-½Derek Rothwell5
3Nigel CrucefixP-PDave Marshall12
11Tim WoodwardP-PArthur Hibbitt4


Qualified to the Quarter Final (Jan/Feb 2013)

Gareth Williams
Mark Leonard


Through to the Second Round of Qualification (25th October)

Anthony Ransom
David Weston
Louis Burton

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