Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ECF Membership 2012-13

Historically the majority of local league players have been happy to forego full membership of the ECF and instead they opted to pay game (and/or congress) fees. Actual ECF membership was only necessary for those playing in FIDE rated events. Excepting the Yeovil Major (last year) this wasn't an issue for most club players (unless they were also featuring in the 4NCL).

The 2012-13 season, however, is a different story. Although membership is still optional (at least for non-FIDE events) the game fee (for grading administration) has risen to £2 from last season's 58p. However this fee will be waived for ECF members. This is clearly intended to incentivise membership. Full details can be found on the ECF website, but here are the salient points:
  • The new scheme starts Saturday the 1st September 2012.
  • Basic ("Bronze") individual membership is £13 for adults, or £12 if registering online.
  • Annual membership expires 31st August 2013.
  • Bronze membership allows you to play any number of club/league/county games with zero game fee.
  • Silver membership costs an additional £6 but this (theoretically) entitles you to a discount of £6 (for an adult) for each congress entered. (The £6 is a levy charged by the ECF to the congress organisers for each non-member entrant in the event.)
Clearly it will prove cost-effective to join the ECF (online) for any individual playing 6 or more games in a year. Silver membership is similarly a no-brainer for anyone wishing to enter a congress during the season. The option to pay for 3 years membership ahead of time also looks to be a very sensible choice.

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