Trowbridge Club Championship 2013-14

Competition Rules
The knockout competition will take place during the course of the chess club season. It will comprise sufficient rounds to determine a sole club champion. In each round at least one player is eliminated. Every player entered will play in at least one round.
Any fee-paying club member is eligible to enter the knockout tournament. An entry fee of £2 will be collected, to be donated to the chess club’s accounts.
Unless agreed by both players, each game played (at regulation time limits) will be submitted to the ECF for grading. Non-ECF members are responsible for payment of the grading fee.
The tournament comprises 3 distinct phases: Qualification, Knockout, and the Final. Note: in the descriptions below it is assumed that there are between 9 and 16 entrants in total.

Unless otherwise stated, pairings are determined by drawing lots.

In the first Qualification round each entrant will either contest a single game or take a bye (necessary in the case of an odd number of players available on the night). Each winner progresses to the Knockout stage. In exceptional circumstances only an entrant who cannot be present for the first round may take a bye into the next round.

If there are fewer than 8 first round winners, a second Qualification round will take place. In this second round the first round losers (and any player with a first round bye) will compete for the remaining Knockout places. Only a single bye is available (if required); this will be given to a first round loser only.

Only if required (in the case of either 9 or more than 12 entrants), a third Qualification round may be scheduled to determine the final 8 qualifiers for the Knockout stage.

Each Knockout stage eliminates half of the remaining players. In the first Knockout round, no pairings from Qualification will be repeated.

In the Final round the two players will contest a series of games. Phase a (described below) will be played over 2 nights. Only in the event of a tied match, after phase a, will a tie-breaker event will be scheduled. This comprises phase b. If this results in a tie then phase c is played, and so on.

a.       Best-of-two 90-minute Longplay games.
b.      Best-of-two 30-minute Rapidplay games.
c.       Best-of-three 5-minute Blitz games.
d.      One Armageddon game (White has 6 minutes to Black’s 5 but in the event of a draw Black is declared the winner.)
Where possible all games are to be played at Trowbridge chess club.
The tournament will begin (with the initial Qualification round) on a “free” Thursday (i.e. where no league games are being played) before the end of November. Where practical, at least one round will be played per calendar month. The tournament controller shall inform the players of the dates for
a) the scheduled start of each round
b) the deadline by which each round must be completed.
Players will make every effort to complete the tournament before the start of the 2014-15 season.
Where the players have not already contested a game (within the tournament) the colours will be drawn at random by the tournament controller. If several games are played between two players in the tournament then colours will alternate. In their first pairing (only) players may mutually agree to determine the colours themselves, preferably using a random method such as tossing a coin.
Digital clocks will be used unless both players agree otherwise. The preferred time control is 35 moves in 75 minutes, with a 15 minute quick-play finish. Players may choose to use a different time control, bearing in mind the ECF requirements for grading.
In the event of a draw (except during the Final) players are encouraged to replay their game before the scheduled deadline for the round. If this is not possible then the players will use the tie-break method described above (Phases b through d).

The players may use a different tie-break method (only if mutually agreed). For example, the players may opt to:

a.       Play the best-of-three 30 minute games.
b.      Toss a coin to determine the victor (as a last resort).
If either player is unable to attend a scheduled match (the start of a round) then they must inform the tournament controller (and preferably their opponent as well). Players are encouraged to reschedule postponed matches at their convenience.

If a game has not been played by the given deadline date for the end of a round, one of the players defaults and is deemed to have lost. The players may agree between themselves who is the defaulter. If the players cannot agree then the tournament controller will decide on their behalf, based on the available information.
All games are to be played under ECF rules (in preference to FIDE rules).
Any disputes arising should be referred to the tournament controller, or in their absence, the club chairman or a nominated representative. Their decision is final.
The winner will receive the Trowbridge Club Championship trophy.


  1. Well done Mark for clarifying all these rules and good luck all competitors

  2. I have updated the page for 2013-14. Only the highlighted text has changed.

  3. Unfortunately it was not possible to complete the KO final by the end of May. We will aim to complete this before the new season begins.